Teeth Grinding in Children

Teeth grinding is the clenching or grinding of teeth medically known as Bruxism. Individuals suffering from bruxism may grind their teeth unintentionally any time during the day. Teeth’s grinding during the night is known as Sleep Bruxism.


  • Why Do Children Grind Their Teeth?

Teeth grinding or Bruxism is not just confined to adults, it is a problem that particularly common in children too. Usually children would grind their teeth during the development of baby or permanent teeth. Children are most likely to lose the habit when the teeth are completely developed.

Although it is still unclear as to what exactly causes teeth grinding in children or adults, but the problem is generally linked with anxiety or stress. The individuals suffering from these problems are most likely to develop the habit of teeth grinding. Besides that, improper alignment of teeth and earaches are also among the major causes of teeth grinding. Allergies or in some cases stuffy nose, may also be the cause of the problem.


  • My Kid Is Grinding Teeth at Night

Teeth grinding can occur anytime during the day, and as mentioned above, during the night as well. In fact, children are mostly seen grinding their teeth more during the night than during the day. It is very common for children to grind their teeth at night.


  • How to Find out Whether You Grind Your Teeth or Not?

Sometimes people may be unaware, whether or not, they grind their teeth as the grinding mostly occurs while they are sleeping. However, if you are suffering from headache constantly, or your jaws usually sore, you may be suffering from bruxism, as both these problems are among the most common symptoms.

Most of the times people learn about their habit of teeth grinding from the people they live with as they can hear the grinding of teeth at night. However, if you do not have anyone to tell you, and you are experiencing jaw soreness and headaches, it is always ideal to consult a dentist. With proper examination of jaw and mouth, he or she would be able to tell, whether or not, you are suffering from bruxism.


  • Is Teeth Grinding Harmful For Children?

Mostly, teeth grinding is considered more problematic than it actually is. It is a common practice amongst many children and usually, the child doesn’t do any sort of damage to his or her teeth. In most cases, children grow out of the problem.

If you are really concerned about your child’s safety, take him to dentist for a proper examination of teeth. If there are cavities, or fractures, the dentist can take care of that. As mentioned above, bruxism can also cause jaw soreness due to constant grinding of teeth during the night. If your child is complaining about the pain in his jaw or face, get it examined.


  • What To Do?

Teeth grinding is very common and does not cause any serious problems in children or adult. Mostly, children grow out of the problem, which is why it isn’t always necessary to find a treatment. If you child is suffering from headache or jaw soreness, however, you can consult a dentist.