Serta Perfect Day iSeries Applause Firm Mattress

Serta iSeries is a revolutionary innovation for a convenient and comfortable sleeping experience. The three layered mattress technology offers durability and firmness. The Cool Action Gel Foam works as a therapist by relaxing body muscles and relieving stress and pain. The flexible design takes the body shape and aligns perfectly to provide ultimate level of comfort. Advanced DUET Coil System provides support and firmness to the mattress and absorbs motion. The Queen sized non-flipping, rotatable mattress is available for online ordering on websites such as


If you will read Serta mattress reviews, you will see that Serta Perfect Day iSeries Applause has been applauded by the customers. Users claim that the mattress is comfortable and helped them with their back pain issues. Side sleepers have praised its firmness and support. The soft top cover keeps the mattress cool. According to most customers, the mattress has definitely improved their sleeping experience. The mattress has been recommended by most of its buyers and they vowed to continue with Serta iSeries.


The mattress has not received any real critiques. Some users complained that the mattress is too firm for their liking. An objection aroused that the spring mattress does not contain any spring and there we indentation left on the sleeping areas which developed a hump in the middle of the mattress.


Serta Perfect Day iSeries Applause Firm Mattress is certainly a value addition to the firm. Its unique layered design guarantees a much more comfortable sleep with pain relief and proper air ventilation. The mattress is easily rotatable and users can change their sleeping place to avoid any depressions in the mattress. The item is available for ordering on online stores with free shipping. The Queen sized luxurious mattress is available with spring box to give you a perfect midnight sleep.